This is primarily a blog/resource for graduates. I expect it will be especially useful for those recently out of university, although parents, siblings, friends & those of us working in Higher Education should also find some of this content informative.

Graduating is a huge achievement. No-one should underestimate that. For most the benefits of the university experience are felt long after they leave the institutions they studied at. University isn’t just about obtaining a qualification, it’s about building relationships, developing self awareness, learning how to work to deadlines, follow instructions, working to specific briefs – the list goes on. It’s no surprise then that for some the prospect of a change of environment leaves the kind of vacuum which is difficult to adjust to.

If our university years are “the best of our lives”, then the first few years after them can be among the most challenging. As well as the obvious employment considerations, there are emotional issues to deal with; choices to be made about where to live, what to do if the perfect job doesn’t reveal itself, how to adjust to life away from people who’ve become an integral part of everyday life, to list a few.

Sometimes all that’s need for us to deal more effectively with a challenge is to know that we’re not the only ones who’ve had to face it. That’s what I’m hoping this blog will do. I said this was a blog/resource, because that’s what I hope it will be. As it develops, the idea is that some key themes will evolve as a result of input from a variety of contributors; some experts in their field, others are people who are keen to share their experiences. In the latter category most of the interviews are anonymized. I should also point out that the interviewees are from a variety of universities and locations across the UK.


Special thanks go to my cousin Gareth Morgan for allowing me to use the image at top of the blog.

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